Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Northern Arizona Designers - That includes me!

Board by Board Design and Build has been fortunate to be
written about in so many magazine articles and blogs
in the last few years. 

I enjoy being asked to be part of an article or
other special feature in any magazine,blog, etc.,
so I almost always say yes. Anyone who really
knows me, knows I am never lacking in an
opinion on most subjects, especially if it
concerns design. Any opportunity to provide my two
cents works for me! 
Okay, I admit it, I am bossy
and opinionated.  Since I am in a business that
is all about having an opinion I see
it as a good thing.

Recently Luxe Magazine, (a gorgeous design magazine)
contacted me about being featured in their July issue
with a focus on Designers in Northern Arizona.  Secretly
I was really thrilled to be asked.  I have had a subscription
to this magazine for several years and often daydreamed
about being part of it!   It feels a little surreal to realize
that quiet thought became a reality. I was asked to share
a little bit about our business in Prescott, Arizona!
Here is the article. If you can't read it, try
clicking on the photo and it should enlarge it.

 Meanwhile in other news:  Another national  Kitchen
and Bath magazine contacted me today about an
upcoming article on laundry room design.  They asked
if I would be interested in sharing my thoughts.
You bet, as I mentioned before I love giving my two cents!  

I will keep you posted.