Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Design Features That Will Sell Your Home Faster And Make You More Money!

Just recently I read an extremely interesting article about simple design features
that add value to your home and perceived value to buyers. If you are selling,
or just want to make smart choices as you build or remodel
these are features that buyers are looking for.  Most homeowners
I work with are concerned about making good investments in their home.
They are typically thinking about a possible sale somewhere in the future. 

The good news is you don't have to be boring or blandly neutral to make a
home marketable.  As I often tell clients, "good design is like living in your
savings account".  You may not get 100% of it back but you can see a large
return if done correctly!

The following list is from Zillow Digs, based on tracked features that
bring perspective buyers to your home.  The great news for me is
these are all things that we are planning into our designs everyday!

  Design Features That Sell A House!

Bottom line, enjoy adding some of the fantastic design features on the
market today to your home with the knowledge that they will make a good
investment in the long run! Interestingly enough I have 11 of these elements
in my home!  I think we need to work on that outdoor kitchen next!