Thursday, December 9, 2010

Other Options and Ideas- Backsplashes are a Home Run!

While on the subject of making changes that are not too big and not too expensive
consider adding a new backsplash to your kitchen. This can make such a dramatic
change in a short time period and does not have to break the bank.

Backsplashes can run from very intricate to very simple. The trend currently is to a more streamlined use of tile. If you look closely at current design magazines you will see designers using classic subway tiles, or a solid glass tile for a monochromatic but elegant look. A combination of stone, tile and glass accents is also a great look. Pair this with a beautiful looking granite or solid surface material and you definitely have a "WOW" moment coming.

But what if you don't have granite? What if you don't want to change out your counter top, is it still worth doing a backsplash?
YES! A backsplash can instantly update a tired kitchen and make everything feel much newer, cleaner and more expensive. Especially if you have a neutral countertop.

I have a client that had a 6" white tile countertop with a matching 6" tile backsplash with fruit decos inserted. In 1997 that was very hip, for 2010 it looked dated. My simple solution was to tear out the existing backsplash and replace it with a stone subway tile and incorporated glass and metal accent strips very carefully throughout. What a difference it went from dated to dramatic in just a couple of days. We even changed the little island top to granite using a remnant from the granite yard. All for a super affordable price.

If you have been wondering what can I do with this kitchen? My suggestion is this: Decide to paint, decide to add cabinet hardware and consider a new backsplash. And the good thing is I can help with any and all of this! Making sure your money is well spent and giving you the finished look you desire. Remember designers often get discounts on products and materials that a consumer cannot. Think about it!

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