Monday, March 26, 2012

Remodeling Magazine Photo Shoot - Jason Millstein

Me getting ready to take a picture of Jason
Today was a first for me.  I was photographed for the April cover of
Remodeling Magazine.  A trade magazine focusing on the world of remodeling. 
Guess that is a little obvious. I was excited to meet photographer Jason Millstein
of Illume Photography  located in Scottsdale, AZ.  He is a super nice guy and told me
about many of the famous people he has taken photos of.  However, I had to
ask him about his "Who's Who's" list, he really wasn't a bragger.
I felt rather excited to be included in his subject list.

We started at 11:00 am this morning.  He hauled in all kinds of lights, stands, lens
meters, and stuff.  There is a ton of set up that goes into what appears to be a simple
photo. He took photos and I smiled until 2:00 pm.  Jason told me the magazine
wanted a shot of me looking happy but not too happy! Does that
translate to professionally serious, but pleasant? I don't really know but,
I think that it is kind of funny actually.

The photo pairs with an article focusing on bringing value to a design/ remodel
project for a client without compromising the finished product.
Something I think I am pretty good at.

The first shots were in the kitchen being featured in the article with the last shots
outside sitting in a big leather chair! The picture below is from
my vantage point in the big chair, being told not to move or squint!

Jason shooting me as I took a pic of him!
I am not sure which picture will be chosen for the cover, but Jason did a great job of
making me feel comfortable and he did promise to make me look younger and
less tired! I can now officially check modeling off my bucket list.  It's harder than it looks.
  Thanks Jason, your my new favorite!

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