Thursday, December 13, 2012

Picking a sink for me! Harder than you might think.

A couple of months ago I wrote an article on how to pick a kitchen sink.  I still stand by every word of it and would tell a client exactly the same thing today, but now that I am picking out a new sink for myself it is harder than I remembered!

Here is my dilemma.  My new kitchen is much more contemporary than any I have personally had before. With my dark cabinets and Everest White Radiance Quartz counters the obvious choice for a sink is a one bowl, zero radius stainless sink.  Okay, I love that look but the bigger question is will I still be happy with my stainless sink 5 years from now? Hmm... I am not sure and Robert says I won't be happy.

Then I began to consider my other options.  I currently have a fireclay sink by Rohl, that I LOVE!  It is about 4 years old and looks as good as the day it was put itRohl makes a single bowl sink that is gorgeous but it does come with a price tag that is a little higher than my hoped for budget. On the other hand I do love the fireclay sinks and would never regret that decision.

My one other option that would be a little, okay a lot more budget friendly is a one bowl granite composite sink.  Again, I ask myself "will I be happy in a few years from now?" 
 I just don't know.  I have however decided it is good to put myself back in the shoes of my clients and realize how emotional these decisions can feel.     

I will let you know what I decideHowever on the positive side of decision making I ordered my cool Sutton pulls by Jeffery Alexander!  I am feeling very hip!


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