Saturday, October 27, 2012

Time to Renovate an Older Home

Life is always changing, sometimes unexpectedly, sometimes intentionally 

If you know Robert and I well, you know we are project people.  We generally have something going on that makes our life more hectic but generally fun and interesting.  Earlier this summer we bought a house that we planned to renovate and flip.  About 6 weeks ago Robert suggested the possibility of us downsizing (always part of a bigger plan for us) and take this house we bought this summer and do an addition on it and move there.  It's only about 5 blocks from our current home. 

After many conversations, some tears and lots of prayer we have decided to do it!  Today our current home officially went on the market.    I thought you HGTV groupies might enjoy seeing the tour.  We have lots to accomplish in the coming months, the major one getting our house sold.  

Though we will miss our beloved neighborhood.  Truly the Boulders has been the best neighborhood we have ever lived in. We enjoy all of our neighbors, no neighborhood drama, and you can't beat the location. However, it is time for us to move on. 

On the other hand I am very happily designing the interior of our new home, which will be much more contemporary.  As we get further along I will begin to post photos.  The new (old) house as it stands now requires a true visionary to see the possibilities!  I would hate to shock any one at this point! You would probably send us letters of condolence and try to convince us we need therapy immediately.  This is the elevation drawing as a teaser. We are headed for a mid century look.  I am going to add a bit of an industrial twist to our decor, especially in our new office.  Excited to go shopping!

Front elevation of our new home.

Check out the virtual tour of our existing home and if you know someone who needs a wonderful home, in a fantastic neighborhood send them to our Realtor- Linda Wood of Realty Executives in Prescott.

Tour of 950 W Rosser, Prescott, AZ The Boulders Subdivision

Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to Pick a Kitchen Sink - Again!

Check out my recent article about choosing a kitchen sink in the October issue of Prescott Woman Magazine.  Prescott-Woman-Magazine---October-November-2012  the article appears on Page 48.  

I know I did an article on sinks a while back, but it is always nice to read up on
this again.   Just in case you happen to have a new sink in your future!