Saturday, November 12, 2011

Prescott Woman Magazine

In just a couple of weeks the latest issue of Prescott Woman Magazine will hit the news stand and it will feature an article on another Board by Board home! Big props to photographer Larry Kantor for providing me this preview photo.

After interviewing our clients. Architect Steve Adams of ( Adams Architecture and Planning) and his wife Janet, they also interviewed Robert and me. We enjoyed talking with Tim Callahan of Prescott Woman Magazine about what a great build experience it was and what a lovely home it is.

I am excited to see the photos and read the story.
I will post a link soon.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A little Fall Flair

I was feeling the need for a little pick me up around the house and didn't honestly
have a ton of time to devout to a full blown project. So, while I was wondering
what I
could do fairly quickly, inexpensively and make my neighbors smile,
it came to me. Decorate the front porch for fall! I headed out to the garage
and located the scarecrows I had tucked away for safe keeping and found a
vintage watering can. If you don't have a scarecrow they are available for a few
dollars at craft stores. The rest of the items you may or may not have
and you can pick them up easy enough or substitute something else.

I made this super cute Welcome sign using a thin bamboo stick and
7 white foam pumpkins available at your local craft store. Taking a sharpie pen
or paint, (your choice) print a letter from the word
Welcome on each pumpkin.
Skewer the pumpkins on the bamboo stick in order and you are done.
I also took a fat rubber band and wrapped it around the stick under the
last pumpkin to keep them tight together. They tend to spin around if they
are left unattended. You may also want to use
a little hot glue
to secure the top "W" in place.

Add some real and fake pumpkins some squash, arrange them
however you like. I actually hot glued the ones on the top of the

watering can to keep in place. Put your Welcome sign in
the can or maybe you have a cute pot or wagon. I also put some dirt

inside the can to keep it secure. Then I added some adorable
metal cornstalks (check out JoAnn Fabrics or other craft type store)
and Voila! It was done in about 20 minutes, minus the run to get pumpkins.

Now I have a festive entry porch, I can keep all this in place through
Thanksgiving and Welcome all who come to our home.
Happy Fall and make a point to put a little festive decoration in
your life soon. It is a great pick me up and doesn't have to be expensive.