Thursday, December 1, 2016

Northern Arizona High Country Ranch

While you are sitting around thinking cozy winter thoughts
I want to share with you a recent project we have just finished.
It was also featured in Kitchen and Bath Business Magazine.
We love having our projects featured!

This home has such a warm and inviting feeling.  

From the gracious entry to the expansive views of the mountains
that surround Flagstaff you can't help but feel relaxed. 

Take a moment and click on the link to the article below. 
There are lots of nice photos and information about the project. 
click here! 
Here are a few more photos of spaces that are
not featured in the article.

The Grandkids Bunk House! Complete with loft and climbing wall!
The custom bunk beds are fabulous.

Bunk house bathroom.  Love the bark mirrors.

 Guest Bathroom

 This Guest bathroom has a concrete top and
reclaimed wood vanity.

 The  Great Room is anchored by a massive stone wall with
a wood burning fireplace. Perfect for chilly nights.
The ceilings are 24' high at the center of the peak.

The rear view of this home.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Why Working With a Designer Makes Sense:Part 2

One of my current favorite quotes is :
"Design is Where Art and
              Science Break Even
Robin Mathew

There is so much truth in this statement.  You can have a beautiful kitchen that does not function and you can have an functional kitchen that feels more utilitarian than anything else. A design home run in my book is a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but functions fantastically. If the person designing your layout does not understand how to bring the two together I encourage you to find someone who can. You will be glad you did.

Just recently I received a phone call from a gentleman (let’s call him Mr. Johnson) asking me to come and review 2 sets of kitchen cabinet plans they had received from 2 different cabinet companies. After a short chat we set up an appointment and met.  

At our meeting Mr. And Mrs. Johnson shared with me their story. They had recently purchased their home and wanted a larger kitchen similar to the one they had enjoyed in their previous home.  They had loved the layout and knew it worked well for them.  They had visited 2 cabinet shops, both having great reputations locally. They told me that both cabinet shops had visited their home, listened to their ideas, taken measurements and returned to them the proposed layout.  Then they asked what I thought of the plans.

Here are the problems as I see them

1. The kitchen in their previous house and the new kitchen space are not the same.  Therefore the design can't be identical and function.

2. The new kitchen and the adjoining eating area that is to be incorporated into the kitchen have two very different ceiling heights creating some significant design issues.

3. Both cabinet shops gave them an almost identical layout that had some serious design/ function issues.  Obviously based on the clients wish list and description but was not a well functioning layout due to inadequate work spaces.

4. Neither shop offered a better solution than what the clients asked for.

5. The clients had some ideas but in reality they were not going to be the strongest solution due to the issues listed in items 1 & 2.

 As we sat and talked about what they really wanted in this new kitchen there was very obviously in my opinion a different layout option that gave them the optimum dimensions and work space needed at the range, island, perimeter cabinets and would not bring attention to the change in ceiling height. They were thrilled. The comments "we never thought of that and what a good idea" was exactly what I hoped to hear. 

This is a perfect example of why starting with a kitchen and bath designer is such a good idea.  It can actually save you money in the long run and get you to where you want to be and more times than not exceed those expectations.

Here is my point.  Had Mr and Mrs. Johnson moved forward with cabinet shop A or B, There is no doubt they would have received a nice quality cabinet in the style and finish they requested.  What they would not have received is a kitchen that functioned at 100%.  It would never look as good as it could due to the design limitations existing in the space and in my opinion the lack of creativity and optimum layout knowledge offered by the cabinet makers.   

My number one goal as a designer is to create an environment that reflects the homeowners esthetic and hopefully elevate the finished product to a place they had not ever imagined.  I will always tell clients when something will not work well and why.  Then offer an alternative that does.  Most business's that sell just one piece of the puzzle don't always offer that same information.  In my mind that is the critical piece of the puzzle you can't afford to miss. 

How sad for Mr and Mrs. Johnson if they were to invest such a large sum in their kitchen and have it never be quite right.  Yet with a small investment up front with a designer they could end up making a solid investment in their home and lifestyle. It makes sense and will definitely save you some cents!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Love and Home at First Sight!

Prescott Woman's August 2016 issue features a nice article
about a major remodel Board by Board completed this last year.
This charming historic home was just waiting
for an update. 

It was great to bring a new season to this already adorable house. 
The article says it all!
If the link does not take you to the correct page
the article starts on page 60.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Northern Arizona Designers - That includes me!

Board by Board Design and Build has been fortunate to be
written about in so many magazine articles and blogs
in the last few years. 

I enjoy being asked to be part of an article or
other special feature in any magazine,blog, etc.,
so I almost always say yes. Anyone who really
knows me, knows I am never lacking in an
opinion on most subjects, especially if it
concerns design. Any opportunity to provide my two
cents works for me! 
Okay, I admit it, I am bossy
and opinionated.  Since I am in a business that
is all about having an opinion I see
it as a good thing.

Recently Luxe Magazine, (a gorgeous design magazine)
contacted me about being featured in their July issue
with a focus on Designers in Northern Arizona.  Secretly
I was really thrilled to be asked.  I have had a subscription
to this magazine for several years and often daydreamed
about being part of it!   It feels a little surreal to realize
that quiet thought became a reality. I was asked to share
a little bit about our business in Prescott, Arizona!
Here is the article. If you can't read it, try
clicking on the photo and it should enlarge it.

 Meanwhile in other news:  Another national  Kitchen
and Bath magazine contacted me today about an
upcoming article on laundry room design.  They asked
if I would be interested in sharing my thoughts.
You bet, as I mentioned before I love giving my two cents!  

I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Design Features That Will Sell Your Home Faster And Make You More Money!

Just recently I read an extremely interesting article about simple design features
that add value to your home and perceived value to buyers. If you are selling,
or just want to make smart choices as you build or remodel
these are features that buyers are looking for.  Most homeowners
I work with are concerned about making good investments in their home.
They are typically thinking about a possible sale somewhere in the future. 

The good news is you don't have to be boring or blandly neutral to make a
home marketable.  As I often tell clients, "good design is like living in your
savings account".  You may not get 100% of it back but you can see a large
return if done correctly!

The following list is from Zillow Digs, based on tracked features that
bring perspective buyers to your home.  The great news for me is
these are all things that we are planning into our designs everyday!

  Design Features That Sell A House!

Bottom line, enjoy adding some of the fantastic design features on the
market today to your home with the knowledge that they will make a good
investment in the long run! Interestingly enough I have 11 of these elements
in my home!  I think we need to work on that outdoor kitchen next!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Best of Houzz 2016!

Best of Houzz 2016!

We have just received word that
Board by Board has been awarded a
Best of Houzz 2016
for Outstanding Customer Service!
This is our 2nd year in a row to receive this award. 

Thanks to so many of our clients who took the time to share their experience
working with Board by Board.  Construction is full of twists and turns, we
aren't perfect, but I can emphatically say we sincerely care about each and 
every client and the projects we take on.  We think about each
project as if it was going to be for us personally.  We want our
clients to be happy and we want to see their dreams come to life.
Thanks again for the kind words.

On another note we are off to KBIS for a few days to see what
is new and exciting in the Kitchen, Bath and Building world.

 Back to you soon with details on this exciting show!

We have also just finished several wonderful projects
that we will share with you soon.  
  • A complete home remodel on a Historic Prescott home. 
  • A dramatic kitchen remodel on a 25 year old home.
  • And more.  Photos to follow soon! It was a busy year!