Monday, October 9, 2017

Shiny and Bright - Everything to Love in a Master Bedroom and Bath Remodel

I cannot help but smile every time that I visit this
master bedroom/ bathroom remodel. I completely and totally love
how this turned out.  My client loves color and is absolutely
fearless when it comes to color, finishes and textures.   Her 1990's
house was screaming for a new master bathroom and bedroom do
over.  With just a little bit of rearranging and  the capture of a
couple of feet out of a nearby closet, we took a dated and cramped
bathroom to a beautiful functioning space.

These gorgeous mirrors are actually medicine cabinets.

This is the before.....

The wish list included pops of color, 2 sinks, a separate
makeup area, a large walk in shower without a door
and some nice shiny accents!  We delivered in spades!

With a multi color mosaic tile with bright pops of hot pink and
gold it was just the right bit of sparkle to pair with more a neutral
field tile.   The floor is a wonderful vintage look  12 x 24 tile.

I love the crystal handles on this faucet. 

The small makeup cabinet features a plug-in for the
blow-dryer in the drawer.

The shower pan is a cut onyx and marble.


The master bedroom was completely transformed.

Master bedroom before, what a change!

The addition of a wall mounted sliding door
solved a 30 year old door collision problem.

 Another request was for an in-room coffee bar. 
The custom made cabinet features a faux zinc finish. 
I felt is was very important that it not look like a
kitchen cabinet, which is the last
thing you want in a bedroom!

The clients and our design team could not be happier with
the results. The master suite received a much needed update
and it completely reflects the fun personalities
of it's owners.